Episode 1 (Phishing) is up!


The very first podcast episode of the Cyber Safety Pod (for noobs) is up and it covers how to steer clear of Phishing scams. We teach you simple yet effective ways to not only spot a phishing attempt but also how to avoid them.

If you have an email account you have been targeted by a phishing scam. The predators areg getting better at what they do but you can still protect yourself and your company if you follow the advice in this episode.

Plus we drop some Nuggets of Wisdom that will make you a anti-phishing expert. We introduce you to CheckPhish, a free realtime AI powered URL scanner and explain what Smishing / Vishing are.

So check out our Phishing episode and start the journey to becoming a safer and more private internet user!

FTC Government Phishing Site

Please let us know if we made a mistake or if we missed something

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