About us

Hi, my name is Victor and I'm your podcast host. We are podcast that is trying to get the average everyday user to be more secure online. This includes simple yet effective ways to protect your data and how to be more private while shopping, emailing, or just checking the weather online.

Each episode we'll tackle a cyber security concern in an easy to understand way. We hope you join us on this journey to a more secure you because Privacy Matters.

Cyber Security and Privacy Must Have Links

  1. PrivacyTools.io
  2. Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
  3. ThreatPost
  4. The CyberWire
  5. PrivacyHaus

Who To Follow on Social Media

  1. Brian Krebs
  2. The Cyber Security Hub
  3. Privacy Matters
  4. Edward Snowden
  5. Kim Zetter
  6. Eva

Cyber Safety Pod is a part of the GIS Media Podcast Network 

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